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Turn Web-Surfers into Customers...with Live Web-Callback

"Live" Web-Callback

"Live" Web-Callback is an amazing, interactive approach to sales and customer service on the Internet.

It provides a LINK on your site that prompts your customer to enter their name, e-mail address and phone number. Then through web server authentication it connects a ClienTEL Plus Customer Service Rep (CSR) to your interested customer by phone.

By facilitating the interaction between you and your customer, Live Web-Callback has accelerated the selling process in a matter of seconds by:

Allowing you to speak with your customers at a crucial time - when they are most interested
Immediately answering questions and objections
Providing the human interaction that is often required
Eliminating long forms and delayed answers
Providing your customers with an alternative to putting their credit card online
Eliciting international interest by eliminating costly long distance charges for your customers.

Other features of "Live Web-Callback"

With ClienTEL Plus, you can select to stay open for live calls 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Select regions from which you will accept live calls
You designate your own call routes - customers speak to the right person every time
You can change your callback number or call acceptance hours
No costly hardware or software is required

For complete details follow this link:
Computer Telephony and Web Integration

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