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Attention - New Interaction Management Solutions
An Integrated Strategy for Successful Interactions

Every integration across your enterprise - from the contact center (call center) to your Web site to a sales call - has the power to draw customers closer, or drive them away to competitors. Because no matter what service or product you market, you are really in the business of building enduring relationships with loyal customers.

Customer loyalty, however, is a fragile thing - either won or lost by how you manage all the ways customers encounter your organization. Subject them to lengthy phone queues, fail to answer e-mail promptly, or require them to repeatedly explain their inquiry as they bounce between customer care agents - and your bottom line suffers the results. On the other hand, provide your customer care people with the means to deliver answers, take action, and solve customer challenges - whenever and in whatever media the interaction occurs (voice, e-mail, Internet,, etc.) - and you cement customer loyalty and win competitive advantage.

At ClienTEL Plus, our mission is to make your customer integrations as effective and efficient as possible, so that their outcomes are both productive and profitable. We offer an integrated portfolio of solutions, which together represent an enduring and flexible strategy for processing and managing interactions, and advancing your business objectives. Our solutions work together to present customers a consistent interface when they interact with your business, which results in a more satisfying experience.

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