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Special Benefits of Having a Web site & Call Center Response
By Karen Hunter, Cam-x Director

Here are some special benefits of using the Internet along with a call center:
An oil recovery client has all the oil drop off sites from Saskatchewan on their Website. With a click the call center operator can search for the town closest to where the caller is from. This is called Dealer Location, and works very well.
Magazine renewal subscription: The call center uses the client's Web site for information only and took the 1-800 orders and processed MC/VISA using her Point of Sale Machine.
Classified Ads: The call center takes ads for a "Coffee House Tabloid" and they go directly to the client's server.
Travel Agent: Theri Web site is an enourmous benefit to the call center operators because of the huge range of trips available and costs which are updated by the client.
In the near furture, we will set up an appointment calendar for a client. We book appointments and occasionally we double up. On the Web there will only be one appointment book...end of errors.

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