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Web Services, E-Commerce and Operator Services
by Karen Hunter, Cam-x Director

The first objection a client will give when approached by a call center trying to sell them on Operator-assisted Web features would be "If they are savvy enough to be on the Internet, they want to order on the Net - not call the 1-800 #".
Many Internet users shop on the Net but they are coustious and still prefer to place their order by telephone or mail. The comfort level of purchasing online is not quite there yet.
* We took 30% of the orders on the phone not on the Web site.
* We are the support line for navigating the Web site, as it is extensive.
* New users and Type "A's" (people with NO patience) don't have the patience to navigate a complicated Web site. They phone and our operators direct them where to go.
* If an order is held by customs or only part of the order was received, we take the call adding credibility for our client.
Seasonal items have shipping deadlines so the client will call to ask if they still have time to order.
This client doesn't have 24 hour staff in their fulfillment center, but we do. Our operators take a message and reassure the caller that the problem will be dealt with.
Inevitably you will get 3 or 4 simultaneous calls. The client doesn't have the capabilities of handling multiple calls.
"The price is too good to be true" - they will call to confirm the price.

The client wanted the Web site up ASAP, but there were still minor adjustments to make. The call center operators would tell the callers that the Web site was experiencing diffuculties and, if portions of the site were inactive, operators took the orders in a message ticket. The call center is back up for the client.
There should always be a 1-800 # on a Web site. I had one client who refused to put it on. Did he fear the toll charges? A toll-free number adds credibility and should be front and centre. We also had a lady call who said she had a computer but wasn't connected to the Internet and wanted to order.

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