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The Difference Between Web Visitors & Web Customers
ClienTEL Plus

ClienTEL PLus offers clients Surf&Call "Live" Operator Assisted Services to their Web site customers.

We provide your Web site customers with 24/7 access to human interaction, delivering personalized services that will increase sales and customer loyalty.

With ClienTEL Plus "Live" Operator Services on your E-commerce Web site, your customers have free and easy use of communications tools that help them complete transactions at critical points during the online buying experience.

Your customers are just one click away from connecting to your business and our Operators, with state-of-the-art Internet Telephony and multimedia technology. Our full suite of award winning communications services includes: Guided Web Browsing, Assisted Form Completion, Web-Chat, and Web-Callback.

Our "Live" Operator Assisted Services are available 24/7 on our network - that means no capital investment or maintenance headaches - just more opportunity to keep your business connected with your online customers.

Talk to us and learn how we can offer you these services today!

Email: info@clientelplus.com

Toll Free: 1(888)468-9609

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