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Are you 100% satisfied with your call center or telephone answering service provider?

If not, we currently have an excess capacity at our service bureau, and are offering a "100% satisfaction guarantee at 75% of the cost" program to a select few organizations who depend on quality inbound telephone and/or Internet customer service response to keep things running around the clock.

With no risk of obligation to yourselves, we will review your current methods of communications and recommend a program that will guarantee a minimum 25% savings on your monthly inbound telephone and/or Internet customer service costs, and at the same time, improve the effectiveness of your daily operations.

If you do not agree with our recommendations, you have no obligation to proceed.

The only thing you have to lose is the 25% savings you are currently missing.

I look forward to working with you.

Geoff Laurin
email: laurin@clientelplus.com
Toll Free: 1(888)468-9609
Fax: 1(613)936-0498

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