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Our Competitive Advantage

Candian Association of Message Exchanges (CAM-X) National Award of Excellence winners for outstanding service, for the tenth straight year.

We'll take your calls using our customized system or your in-house application.

Reliable access to telephone and internet networking through our connection to Canada's premiere fibre optic telecommunications pipe

ClienTEL Plus offers clients special volume discounts on all 1-800/888 Toll Free service needs.

100% Bilingual Response - Accent neutral English and French operators

United States clients save over 40% (dollar exchange rate) by using our Canadian Call Center for all your US and Canadian call requirements.

We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls.

Enterprise Approach to Project Design and Management

Designing total customer solutions requires a clear understanding of your entire enterprise. We're in a unique position to provide an objective enterprise assessment and develop an opportunities analysis. With this approach, we can identify your needs, propose cost-effective solutions and execute them in a flexible, functional plan.

Recommendations may include satisfaction measurement design, cross-functional marketing programs, marketing database design and development, as well as reporting program development.

ClienTEL Plus goes beyond plan design to actually deliver the recommendations. Everyday, on every project, we add value through quality project management. Start to finish, we'll handle the details. From human resources to on-line interfaces and database development, a ClienTEL Plus consultant pulls together the entire package. This expertise is invaluable, because timing and continuity reduce cycle time and build in operating efficiencies.

The solution is dedicated ClienTEL Plus bilingual call center services, where our team becomes a seamless extension of your business.

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