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Alarm Monitoring and Emergency Response

In addition to the array of communications services provided to the business community, we as Canpage Communications also play a vital, behind the scene role in the monitoring of fire, burglary and other alarm signals for a number of alarm dealers.

As well we are at the front line when it comes to emergency response, acting as the 911 dispatch center for several Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec fire departments since 1983.

Canpage plays a major role in the City of Cornwall and region's emergency disaster planning.

Other emergency services are co-ordinated on behalf of electrical and gas utilities, oil, chemical and explosive transportation companies, and sexual assault organizations.

We can be counted upon to be there when needed---24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For complete details on wholesale alarm monitoring or emergency response services and pricing, including a comprehensive review of your requirements, please contact Geoff Laurin at 1-888-468-9609 or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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