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Business Center Services
For Business and Government

Shared Office Space with Business Services

  • Excellent reputation
  • Offices available for lease ranging from 100 square feet and up
  • Main entrance includes ramp for physically impaired
  • Kitchen available with coffee, tea and bottled water for tenants and their clients
  • High-tech equipment such as modem and fax lines accessible to every office
  • Large, technologically advanced boardroom available for meetings and presentations (five hours per month included in rent )
  • Receptionist to greet clients and answer phone(s) from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - 24 hour answering available
  • One telephone set/line access (connection fees and monthly line charge not included)
  • Mail service - receipt and sorting of incoming mail; delivery of outgoing mail; 24 hour access
  • Signage
  • Furniture packages available
  • Expansion capability to additional offices, representing the ultimate in Executive Suites, comparisons found only in larger urban centers
  • Comfortably seats 8 to 10 people
  • Wired for high-tech equipment including fax and modem
  • Overhead projector, TV/VCR, flip chart and whiteboard available
408 Pitt Street Address
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Free parking
  • Centrally located, visible and easily accessible
Other Services Available through the Canpage Business Center
  • 24 hour "Live" Tele-Messaging Services (Telephone Answering Services)
  • Voicemail Services
  • Paging (Digital - Alphanumeric and Numeric)
  • Order Taking Services
  • Secretarial services (Word Processing, dicta transcription, fax, photocopier and Email/Internet services)
  • Word Processing - with a range of fonts, graphics and style ideas, we can process and laser print your: Business / personal letters Flyers / posters/brochures Reports / school papers Greetings / holiday letters Contracts / leases Mailing lists / labels / envelopes Forms / legal documents Dicta transcriptions Manuscripts Presentations Project consultation Faxing Photocopying

Office Space Rental

Individual offices to lease on a month to month agreement. These are inclusive of rent, heating, lighting, cleaning and telephone point (not rates). Ample car parking available free of charge.

From: $80 per week or $300 per month

Hourly Room Rental (Subject to room and availability)

From: $14.25 per hour

Mailing Address or Forwarding Address

From: $60 per month (Add $25 deposit for mail forwarding) $155.00 per 6 months
$285.50 per year
(Plus mail handling charge $0.24 per item plus postage)

Tele-Messaging Services (24 hour / 7 days Telephone Answering Services)

Subscription charge (your personal line)
Includes: Automated Pre-screen Announcement(s)
With Operator Revert to Receptionist(s) for "Live" Answering and 1 or Multiple Voice Mailbox(s)

From: $29.95 per months

Clerical Service

Word Processing (Editing work from disk Letters, Mail Merge, Reports, Thesis's)
From: $17.85 per hour

Typing Typing Invoices, Orders etc.
From: $2.35 each


From $0.17 per copy

Facsimile: transmission

From $0.10 per copy
Long distance - add $0.15 per page in Canada
- add $0.25 per page to United States

For complete details on our Shared Office Space with Business Services pricing, including a comprehensive review of your requirements, please contact Geoff Laurin at 1-888-468-9609, or e-mail us.

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