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Data Capture Features

We use an easy-to-follow question and answer format. This helps our CSR's (Customer Service Representatives) manage the conversation, and prompt the caller for the necessary information. Shortening the length of each call, so we can handle more profit-generating transactions, and reduce the cost.

Our staff will also save time since the specially designed software handles any decisions that need to be made, such as, whether or not this caller should be asked a particular question. When the CSR follows the 'script' we've created for you, the next question is automatically displayed, (based on the answer to the previous question), eliminating confusion, and standardizing the information from each caller.

Branching Capability

The secret to our effortless data capture is the branching capability. With this feature, depending on the response given by the caller, the 'script' instantly displays the next appropriate question.

For example, if a caller indicates that they have an account number with your company, the CSR may instantly display and verify the information, and move directly into the actual order. In this situation, the 'script' skips the name and address entries. The process is so swift that is is invisible to the CSR.

Reporting Functions

Our software gives you, the client, many different methods for collecting the data. We can deliver the information electronically via e-mail, your company's website form, facsimile, on a floppy disk in ASCII delimited files, or paper printouts. Your reporting needs are met easily and inexpensively.

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