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Inbound Telemarketing Services

Inbound Telemarketing Services If you were to hire an individual for Inbound Telemarketing and pay them $10.00 an hour, it would represent an expense of approximately $1700 gross per month, and over $20,000 per year. This does not include the cost of screening, hiring, training, benefits, incentives, overtime, or the cost to replace them.

Hiring the same individual and have them work 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays and still not include the cost of screening, hiring, training, benefits, incentives, overtime and the cost to replace them. This person would cost your company $5760.00 gross per month, and over $69,000 per year.

Why not Outsource the required service to ClienTEL Plus? You will achieve the same results without having to worry about any of the associated staffing issues, and it will cost you a fraction of the amount you would have paid for the same person in-house. What are you waiting for?

For clients that require a blended customer service solution, we'll provide professional staff and create a "scripts" which simplifies the process of handling complex transactions.

With fast access to other databases of information and the Internet, our CSR's (Customer Service Representatives) are able to manage callers and Web site visitors.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) provides precise call routing control, and directs traffic to specific CSR's, such as sending customers that require special attention to more skilled personnel, and directing order taking transactions to personnel with order taking experience.

Our System Activity Monitor allows supervisors to verify that call traffic is moving efficiently. The System Activity Monitor is constantly updated with intuitive gauges that monitor various system traffic. And if unexpected traffic situations occur, a supervisor may "drag and drop" calls to other CSR's.

Our award winning team of CSR's with the very latest in Blended Call Center capabilities provide a quality service to you and your customers.

Once we understand your needs we then customize our services, train our CSR's and initiate effective programs to enhance your existing customer service program.

Service Categories

Although our clients often differ vastly in size, corporate structure, marketing experience, industry group, and location, the actual "telemarketing function" that we perform can most often be broken down to only a few categories.

Our Inbound Telemarketing projects can normally be categorized into the following group based on the function that we perform:

Inbound Order Taking - This is a highly utilized function in our industry and we have provided these services for many years.

Our CSR's process catalog orders, direct mail inquiries, advertising response or any other calls that originate on a toll free number and require specialized handling.

As orders are taken, all of the calculations for the item prices, shipping, handling and taxes are immediately done, so that as the order is being processed the TRS and caller have constant access to the individual costs of each item, as well as the running totals for the order.

Credit card transaction processing is a fundamental part of each transaction.

Help Desk - Over the years, we have built a solid foundation on our Inbound customer service capabilities.

Many of these projects are very complicated and often require 3-6 weeks of training for each new Customer Service Representative.

Our MIS department has the capability to create an internal customer service system or we may be able to connect directly to your Web site or Intranet, if necessary.

Dealer Locate (location referral) - The caller is given information on the nearest location to their area code or postal code.

Seminar / Class Registration & RSVP - As registrations are being processed, each CSR's screen keeps track of the number of remaining seats or positions.

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