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Alpha Numeric or Voice Paging with Message Dispatch

Pagers Benefits to Service Professionals - Real Time Message in the palm of your hand in seconds !

CANPAGE has been a leader in providing both, voice and full-text alpha numeric paging, as well as message dispatching since 1983. Our expertise in developing strategies and applications for voice or full text alpha paging assures that you will get the full benefit of this technology. One of the reasons CANPAGE came into existence was to address the need for providing quality paging and dispatch services to the business community.

Service professionals benefit in several distinct ways through the use of paging. The recipient of the page receives the entire message in a real time setting (usually within one minute). Over the years, we have gained considerable respect from our valued clients in demonstrating to them firsthand the immediate benefits of paging for their business. When coupled with CANPAGE's high quality telephone answering service, the benefits of this powerful paging concept are detailed below:

Your line is answered promptly and in your company name. The caller is told that someone will be calling them back promptly upon receipt of the message.
Each message is paged electronically to the pager. Our system documents the successful transmission of the page from the carrier and simultaneously delivers a copy of the message to our computer system as back-up.
The client receives the message usually within one minute.
The client does not have to call the service for the message. The complete message is either heard (voice pager) or appears on the pager screen (alpha). This saves critical time and money.
CANPAGE carries a full lineup of paging equipment, operates its own paging network and is an authorized reseller for a major regional and nationwide carrier.

CANPAGE can assist you to install the capability to send full text messages from your office via either direct connect software through a P/C or with a stand alone terminal. Paging has proven to be a major competitive advantage to many service companies that do not have staffing in house, but require the essence of an answering service along with the transmission of full messages directly to the on-call individuals wearing pagers.

For example, the physician on-call receives the page message that a patient's test results are normal. With this information, the doctor can call the patient and keep on working. Another example is the service technician who can receive orders while he is on the road. Page dispatch gives a physician or a service technician all the information needed to take care of the patient or customer right away. In both cases, work proceeds without interruption.Some of our clients compare the voice pager to a portable answering machine, and the alpha pager to a fax machine that fits in your pocket. Our operators can send you a message with complete detail. If you are on the move, or if you need to return your calls in a "time is of the essence" quick-response environment, you should contact us at CANPAGE so we can equip you and your key personnel with pagers.

CANPAGE has experience in making this paging technology work for your business application. We have been dispatching messages for our clients since 1983. We have cost effective solutions that we can offer you including:

Live Telemessaging and Alpha Numeric Dispatch
Low Cost Unique Answer Phrase and Alpha Message Dispatch
Generic Answering and Alpha Message Dispatch by Client # or Account Name.
Carrier Dispatch Services for Group Call Applications


Numeric Display Paging
You'll receive your caller's phone number right on your pager. And, with the addition of optional Voice Mail service, your Numeric display pager becomes your portable answering machine. Choose from several model types.
Alpha-Numeric Display Paging
With the power of words in the palm of your hand, you'll receive detailed information while on the go. Displaying both text and numeric messages, you can receive names, phone numbers, addresses, order confirmations and other important details.

Optional Paging Services

Canpage offers optional enhanced services to help you customize paging communications to fit your specific needs…

E-mail to Pager - Now you can receive pages from anywhere in the world, over the Internet. Customize your pager to receive instant notification of new e-mail messages. Your AlphaNumeric pager receives sender name, subject matter and the first line of every e-mail.

Custom Greeting - Allow the user to customize his/her greeting. This voice messaging service works with any pager.

Voice Mail - Like an answering machine, only better. When a caller dials your pager number, they are prompted to leave a detailed voice message after the tone. Once the caller hangs up, your pager receives instant notification that you have just received a new voice mail message.

Group Call - A Group Call allows pager subscribers to receive the same message on many pagers simultaneously.

Toll Free Number - Allows callers outside of local calling area to reach the pager free of charge.

Pager Protection Plan - If your owned pager is malfunctioning or damaged, this plan ensures that you will not be out of touch for long. While your owned pager is into Canpage for service, you are provided with a temporary loaner. (Physical damage not included)

Pager Loss Protection Plan - If your rental pager is lost, stolen or physically damaged, this plan ensures that you are provided with a permanent replacement unit. (Nominal monthly fee and deductible applicable)

Let us have the opportunity to create a paging based solution to your company's communications needs. Simple, efficient and affordable, paging works.

For complete details on paging services and pricing, including a comprehensive review of your requirements, please contact Geoff Laurin at 1-888-468-9609 or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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