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FAQ's: Disaster Preparedness

How will your company cope, should disaster strike? Test your disaster preparedness by answering the questions below.

  • Have you tested your recovery capability recently?
  • Are your tapes off site and secure?
  • Have you confirmed your backup routine recently?
  • Have you prepared for remote recovery? (example: with Canpage Disaster Recovery Center)
  • Is LAN recovery integrated into your disaster recovery plan?
  • Does your plan assure each employee can resume critical business activity?
  • Have you prepared for your LAN recovery?
  • Have you involved a cross-section of your employees in a rehearsal recently?
  • Is your disaster recovery plan current?
  • Have you reviewed your recovery plan in the last 90 days?
  • Does your plan include "care and feeding" of your employees?
  • Are your senior executives prepared for their role in a successful recovery?
  • Do all employees have their piece of the disaster recovery plan off site?
  • Have you simulated a disaster recently?
For information on Canpage's Disaster Recovery Center Services, click here.

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