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Glossary of Terms - Paging

Alpha-Numeric Pagers
A carrier operator transcribes a short message from your caller -- which can include both words and numbers -- and sends it to your pager. Text can also be sent via email, voicemail, or any data can be sent via modem or a dedicated alpha-entry terminal. Because you can read a word message directly on your pager, you won?t have to return as many calls. And under some plans, you can get nifty features like free market reports and sports updates.

Each number or letter sent to your pager is a character.

Dedicated Alpha Entry Terminal
Purchased and used by companies that need to send text messages to multiple alphanumeric pagers at the same time.

Expanded Memory
Depending on the type of pager, expanded memory lets you to store up to 30 messages in your pager. This is a great feature to have for storing phone numbers you might need in the future. Some pagers store messages even when the battery is removed.

Flat Rate billing
A single monthly charge for unlimited paging, up to a certain number of characters.

Information Updates
Some pagers provide automatic updates on stock quotes, news, sports scores, weather, and traffic.

Method Alert
Most pagers announce a new message by beeping, but you can set most new models to silently vibrate.

Numeric Pagers
The most economical way to stay in touch. Your caller dials a toll-free number and follows the instructions given to leave you a phone number of up to 20 digits. Your pager beeps, displays the number, and you return the call whenever you want to.

Pages that exceed your plan's flat rate limit. Overcalls result in charges being added to your monthly flat-rate fee.

Personal Communications Services, a broad range of wireless digital services that allow you to communicate with others no matter where you are.

Personal identification number, your pager will have an identifying PIN code to ensure that your messages get to the right place.

Time & Date Stamp
Tells you exactly when a message arrived. This is a great feature when you?re on the run and can't return your calls right away.

Two-way Pagers
Pagers that can both receive and send messages.

Voice Mail
Offered with some paging plans, voice mail allows callers to choose between sending a page and leaving a voice mail message. Many systems then page you that you've got voice mail waiting. Also known as voice messaging.

More information can be found on the Paging section of this web site.

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