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Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Service and Billing

Why is my first bill different from the charges described on the Service Application?

The most common reason is that the charges have been pro-rated for the beginning month. You are only billed for the actual portion of the month for which service was provided, not the full calendar month. If your account is billed quarterly, semiannually or annually, a similar pro-rated adjustment is applied by our billing system, to get your account in sync with the billing cycle.

It's also possible that there are charges for measurable minutes or units above the amounts included with your base rate. These factors will cause your bill to rise and fall, to reflect your actual usage.

When is my payment due?

All payments are due and must be received by Canpage no later than the 25th of the month. Any payments received after that time will not be reflected on the next Monthly Invoice. You can verify the receipt of a payment not received by the closing date by contacting the billing department.

How can I lower my Tele-messaging Service costs?

There are numerous ways, and it's best to talk to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) for all of the details. Some of the options are to have your non-emergency messages sent to your e-mail address, faxed, to an Alphanumeric Pager (rather than a Numeric Pager), Voice Mailbox, and use of your Express Message Check-In Line (rather than calling your office line).

Since our telemessaging service charges are billed in per second increments, you pay only for the amount of time our staff is working for you.

Why doesn't Canpage offer flat-rate service so that my bill will be the same every month?

Because flat-rate billing is UNFAIR, to everyone involved! It's unfair to YOU the subscriber with low usage, because you're paying for part of the service for high-volume subscribers.

It's unfair to Canpage because we're expected to shoulder the loss when call volume rises for whatever reason, rather than being compensated for the extra staffing and facilities expenses required to properly manage extraordinarily high traffic.

It's unfair to the Caller, who may have to endure unnecessarily long holds or waits to answer, because staffing for busy times is just not cost effective under the flat-rate system.

Who is the person to talk to about changing my rate plan?

A Customer Service Representative or the Office Manager can help you with that. They will research the history on your account, getting details on usage patterns to try to determine the best rate.

Where can I find a Toll-Free number provider?

Look no further! Canpage can do that! And the charges will appear right on your bill with your other services, keeping all of your messaging charges on one convenient invoice. Contact our Customer Service Department for more information.

Why does the Telephone Secretary tell my callers that "this is the Message Service"?

Probably because you have not instructed us against this practice. Some subscribers do NOT want us to identify that the call is being taken by a Tele-messaging service. However, this IS something we can do. All you need to do is contact a supervisor or your Customer Service Rep.

Who is the person who can help me if a message was incorrect?

If you have a question or a concern with the way a call was handled, a Supervisor is your best contact. They're in direct control of day-to-day operations, and can research the incident. You may also FAX information (to the attention of a Supervisor) detailing the Date, Time of Day, Caller's Name and/or Company Name, and the problem that was experienced with the call.

When is the best time to fax you updates to my account, or changes to my on-call schedule?

If at all possible, this should be done before 3 PM. Items received by that time should normally be entered prior to check-out on the same day.

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