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Frequently Asked Questions about Telemarketing Services

Do you require a long term commitment from your clients?

No. While we are dedicated to developing long term relationships with our clients, we do not require any form of long term "contract". We believe that the success of the relationship is contingent upon the ongoing profitability of the program and not upon a binding contract.

What are the payment terms?

Normally, Net 10 days. Since our costs are primarily variable costs, we maintain "a tight ship" in regard to our accounts receivable. Our clients are normally expected to pay our weekly or monthly invoices within 10 business days.

How soon can I start?

Usually, in 3 to 6 weeks. New projects usually can be setup in 2 to 3 weeks after the completion of the necessary paperwork. Several factors can either shorten or lengthen this timetable, such as:

  • Our operation's work flow
  • Our programmer's work flow
  • The timeliness of your project information
  • Factors like holidays, vacations, or other events. We are committed to implementing new projects as quickly and as efficiently as possible and we will make every effort to work around any deadlines or timetables that may affect your project.

    How do I receive data from the project?

    In "real-time" on your Web site, or by E-mail, FAX, BBS, Modem and Courier. Our two most popular and efficient methods of data transmission are E-mail and BBS. These methods provide our client's with data on the next business day without any added cost. Overnight delivery is also available for an extra charge.

    Do you answer and make calls in the name of my company?

    Yes. In most cases, your customers / prospects will not realize that they are speaking to a 3rd party. All calls are handled on behalf of your company and in the manner that you choose.

    Inbound Telemarketing
    (Customer Service, Sales, Credit Card Authorization, Help Desk, Dealer Locate, Seminar / Class Registration, etc.)

    What is "Inbound Telemarketing"?

    Inbound Telemarketing is best defined as a call that we receive and in which complicated or sales oriented information is conveyed to the customer. Examples of Inbound Telemarketing are Catalog Order Taking, Customer Service, Direct Mail Response, etc.

    How do you charge for Inbound Telemarketing?

    Inbound Telemarketing is most often charged on a "per minute" basis. Thus, our clients pay us $____ per minute for the exact time that we are on-line with their customers. e will also charge a one time setup charge and we require our clients to exceed a weekly minimum amount of usage. Because you only pay for the time you use, our services are normally very cost efficient because our clients do not pay for the "dead time" between calls.

    Can you answer my "Toll-Free" (800) Telephone Number?

    Yes. If you prefer, you can route the calls on an existing toll-free number to our call center. This can be accomplished by changing the routing with your existing carrier or by porting the number over to our telecommunications provider.

    Outbound Telemarketing
    (Customer Service Surveys, Polls, etc.)

    How do you charge for your outbound telemarketing services?

    Our outbound services are almost always contracted on a "Per Hour" basis. This means that our clients pay $_____ per hour for every hour of outbound calling performed by our Customer Service Representatives (CSR's). Management & Supervisory time is built into the rate that you pay for the actual CSR's. In addition, Computer Programming and Project Development Fees are usually charged during the development of any new project to cover our startup costs.

    Do you provide the scripts?

    Generally we do not "provide" the scripts. We consider script development to be a combined effort with each of our clients. If you do not have a developed script, we will assist in creating a script from your company information and through conference calls or face to face meetings. Our services are truly customized to fit our clients - therefore, we need to rely on our clients to assist in this process.

    Do you provide the list?

    Not Normally. Since our services are completely customized, our clients control who we call, and therefore, they normally provide us with the list. However, we can assist in this process by providing information on reputable list companies, upon request.

    More information can be found on the Call Center section of this web site.

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