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Hints & Tricks for your Telemessaging Service

Do you do business in multiple locations?
Canpage can provide you with "local" numbers in a broad range of localities. This can enhance your business presence. We can offer local phone numbers in Ottawa, Cornwall and Brockville. We can even make one of those numbers ring at your home or business location.

Do you have an update to your personnel or on-call list?
FAX IT to our office, rather than calling to talk to a Supervisor. That way we'll both have a record of the nature and timing of your request.

Planning a vacation?
Be sure to include Canpage in your vacation planning. Give us some advance notice of your vacation timing. Please be sure to let us know how you may be reached in an emergency. Are you taking your pager? Are you certain it will work at your vacation destination?

If you get messages faxed, you may see a lot of abbreviations that may sometimes look like a foreign language! We're hoping to create a list of the most common on this web site in the near future. In the meantime, if you're stumped, please give us a call. The supervisors are here to "decode" such things, and we also have a list that we can fax to you.

Speaking of faxing, when you get your messages faxed you get more information than you might otherwise receive. In addition to the date and time the message was taken AND delivered, you also see the "trail" of paged attempts, and then the various numbers that were called to attempt to relay an emergency message. If you need help interpreting that information, please call your supervisor. Have our Telephone Secretaries being doing a quality job? We'd like to hear about it! The Send Mail page can be used to report commendable service.

Having a meeting in your office?
Canpage answer your phones to avoid interruptions. (That way your receptionist can be included!) BE SURE TO let us know about how long your meeting will be, so we can advise callers when to expect your return call.

Do you get a significant amount of "will call back" calls each day?
Are we instructed to tell all non-emergency callers to "call back during regular business hours"? If so, you may be a prime candidate to take advantage of our automated pre-screen service.

This is a brief recording (not more than 15-20 seconds recommended) using YOUR voice to advise the caller:

  1. they HAVE reached your line
  2. if this is an emergency, they should stay on the line (or press the ZERO key) and an operator will assist them
  3. if this is NOT an emergency, they should (press 1) to go to voicemail and leave a detailed message, otherwise they should call back the next business day during regular business hours which are X AM to Y PM.
Use of this feature will SAVE YOU MONEY because it will reduce operator time for non-essential calls and the automated message is billed at a savings of about 80% compared to operator-handled calls.

CAUTION: This message MUST be brief and most definitely tell the caller right away that they CAN reach an operator if the call is urgent. Several of our subscribers have reduced their costs considerably using this feature.

Wondering how responsive and responsible your on-call personnel are?
If you're getting your messages faxed, take a look at the section that shows how many relay attempts it took to get them to respond. If you're seeing 2-4 relay attempts every time Bob is on call (but only 1 relay attempt when George and Bill are on call), that may be information you need to know. Not only do the multiple relay attempts increase your Canpage charges, they also delay the delivery of a critical or emergency service.

Our Telephone Secretaries are very busy during the "check-in" hours from 8-9 AM and the "check-out" hours from 4:30-5:30 PM.
If there is a way you can avoid calling during those times, you should suffer fewer rings and less likelihood of "hold" time. One good way to avoid the "check-in traffic jam" is to get your messages FAXed. No call is necessary, and you'll have the full details delivered to your fax machine on a pre-scheduled basis. (If there are no messages, you'll get a "no messages" message!)

Do you take orders over the phone?
Canpage (ClienTEL Plus Call Center Solutions) can do that! We can take your orders and free up your people for other tasks. Talk to your Customer Service Representative regarding our order-taking service.

One of the major challenges for an answering service is keeping the subscriber's personnel list up-to-date.
If you've had a recent change of personnel (additions or deletions) or if someone changes phone numbers, pagers, etc., PLEASE let us be one of the first to know! When one of your folks gets married and changes their name, address or phone number, it's important that we keep "in the loop". It's important that we not have to find out these things during an emergency.

More information can be found on the Telemessaging section of this web site.

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