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Virtual Tour - The Heart of our Blended Call Center System

The Infinity system is the heart of our Blended Customer Service Call Center operations. With its unique combination of powerful features and integrated services, Infinity makes it possible for Canpage and ClienTEL Plus to offer our clients more enhanced services. With its patented* open architecture, Infinity was the first system to offer integrated voice processing and voice mail services.

A few of the many reasons Canpage and ClienTEL Plus are leaders in the Tele-messaging and Call Center industries include:

  • PC, LAN, WAN and Internet-based system
  • Supports modular and scalable growth
  • True open architecture design
  • Seamless integration with all the Call Center Solutions

    The Infinity modules include:

  • ACD (automatic call distribution)
  • Voice Processing and Voice Mail
  • Text Messaging and Scripting applications
  • Directories
  • Integrated PC-based digital switching
  • True Computer Telephony and Web (Internet) integration (CTI)


    Infinity handles the "details" and allows Customer Services Reps (CSR's) and Telephone Secretaries (TS's) to focus on what they're best at -- professional call handling.

    Infinity features are designed to speed call handling and improve customer service for our clients, and include:

  • multiple call handling
  • an easy-to-follow screen layout
  • call scripting

    Tele-messaging Operator Screen Layout

    Screen Layout

    Special Features

    Throughout the year, new Infinity software features are released, making the system even more powerful. Each feature is designed to make call handling and system management easier, and also to add even more services for our clients.

    A few of the recent feature additions include:

  • Automated On-Call Scheduler - Now we can easily keep track of our client's ever-changing on-call schedule. The Automated On-Call Scheduler gives Canpage an easy way to manage schedules for service companies, physicians, clinics and much more. Based on the schedule, which may be entered months in advance, on-call personnel are automatically put on call and automatically taken off call.

    On Call Scheduler

  • Touch Screen Registry and Roster - Canpage can place convenient Registry/Roster Touch screens at remote locations, and allow our clients to easily update their status, and check in for messages.

    After entering their identification number, Canpage clients are greeted by name and their custom status options are displayed. After updating their status, text and voice messages are displayed. Text messages may be reviewed on screen, sent to a nearby printer, or to the client's fax machine or alpha pager. Voice messages may be directed to a nearby phone.


    The Touch Screen Roster allows Canpage clients -- and Telephone Secretaries -- to see the location of various members, as shown in the Radiology Roster above.

    Touch Screen Rosters

  • Reader Board - Keep Canpage and ClienTEL Plus staff informed of current call traffic information, and other important information. The Reader Board is a three-line display, and features multiple colors, with text scrolling, beeping, and flashing.

    Reader Board

  • Auto ANI Insert - Similar "Call Display", the ANI (automatic number identification) number provided to Infinity via an ISDN span or PBX interface can be automatically inserted on our client's message.

    Reprinted with permission from CallCenter Magazine

    "This is the first time we've seen someone scrunch all the essential elements of a call center into a PC. Amtelco's (McFarland, WI) Infinity is a PC-based call handling system. It includes built-in voice mail and a host of messaging and scripting features.

    It connects to external databases, PBXs, Centrex and data networks and is based on an Ethernet 10-megabit LAN or WAN. Digital switching is accomplished through Amtelco's XDS Switch Matrix and Line boards. Messaging and Scripting are flexible. You can use text, voice, fax, e-mail, BBS or printers as a message / data output device. The system is ideal for order taking, surveys and customer support, on top of standard office messaging.

    It includes auto attendant capabilities, and audiotex. It processes the ANI or DNIS on incoming calls.

    More than any other PC/phone and Web (Internet) integration device we've seen, this really does put all the functions of the business phone into the PC, readying it for true call center action and making it an easy choice as a Product of the Year."

    * An Infinity system today is capable of 100 workstations, 100,000 accounts, 1,000,000 messages, 1,000 directories, and 250,000 directory listings."

    Enhanced Messaging

    For ClienTEL Plus clients that require more enhanced messaging services, the CallScriptor Enhanced Messaging module is your solution. This module allows ClienTEL Plus to create "scripts" and "reports" which simplify the process of handling complex transactions.

    Using this module allows us to offer our clients much more than traditional messaging services. With fast access to other databases of information, Customer Service Reps (CSR's) are able to refer callers, answer callers' questions, provide important information to callers, and more.

    In addition, the Enhanced Messaging module adds extra features, such as creating mailing labels, which make it easier for our clients to respond to callers' requests.

    The applications available with the CallScriptor Enhanced Messaging module include:

  • Location Referral - referring callers to a location nearest to them
  • Insurance Claims Processing - taking a complete insurance claim
  • Brochure Requests - handling callers' requests for various brochures
  • Order Entry - complete order taking, including up sell, cross-sell and more
  • Help Desk - troubleshooting and resolving problems via phone
  • Surveys/Polling - political or retail surveys

    The CallScriptor Enhanced Messaging module seamlessly integrates to Infinity.

    Computer Telephony and Web Integration Services

    ClienTEL Plus web-enabled services bring e-commerce capabilities to our (CSR's) fingertips. These features help your company run more smoothly by increasing efficiency and reducing cost, which in turn, raises profitability. ClienTEL Plus helps you to offer more effective services to your clients.

    The Blended Call Center

    Quite simply ClienTEL Plus offers the best in traditional call center capabilities combined with the new opportunities of the Internet. Our web-enabled call center services allow (CSR's) to access our client's web-based information as a core part of their call processing functions. This enables them to process information virtually anywhere in the world. If the information is available on the Internet, we can work with it.

    Telephone Response Handling

    Our ability to pop your company's Internet web site to our (CSR) triggered by a phone call to your account is very efficient.

    The same (CSR's) that are already handling your telephone response can access your company's web-based information as a core part of their call processing function, navigating their way through info pages and directories, inputting directly onto brochure requests, order and applications forms.

    Web Browsing


    How would you like your clients to be able to talk to a live operator about your products and services while browsing on your web site? Our 'Web-Chat' feature enables you to offer people browsing the Intranet or Internet the ability to chat online with one of our (CSR's), allowing your customers to ask the (CSR) questions about the web page they are viewing. This is accomplished by placing our 'Web-Chat' link on your web page. When your customer selects the link, a request is sent to our (CSR) to chat with them.


    Our 'Web-Callback' feature allows you to offer people browsing the Intranet or Internet the ability to request a callback from one of our (CSR's). They can leave details on the information they require as well as telling the (CSR) how to reach them.

    This is accomplished by placing our "Web-Callback" link on your web page. When your customer selects the link, a form is displayed asking the person to enter information that will tell the (CSR) how to reach them. The (CSR) then receives a non-live call with the information your customer entered, and can call them back at the phone number they left.


    When one of your customers contacts one of our (CSR's) using the 'Web-Callback' or 'Web-Chat' features, our (CSR) can push web pages back to the person using the 'Web-Push' feature. This allows your customer to ask questions which our (CSR) can answer by pushing information to the person.

    Automatic Call Distribution

    Infinity's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) module gives Canpage and ClienTEL Plus precise call routing control. We use ACD to direct calls to other messaging systems, and to direct calls to specific Telephone Secretary or (CSR), such as sending calls that require special attention to more skilled Telephone Secretaries, and directing order-taking calls to (CSR's) with order taking experience.

    The Infinity System Activity Monitor allows Supervisors and Trainers to verify that call traffic is moving efficiently. The System Activity Monitor is constantly updated with intuitive gauges that monitor various system traffic. And if unexpected traffic situations occur, a Supervisor or Trainer may "drag and drop" calls to other Telephone Secretaries and (CSR's).

    System Activity Monitor

    System Activity Monitor

    The ACD module works as an integral part of the Infinity system, and also functions as a stand-alone system with interfaces to other systems for heavy traffic control.

    Voice Mail Processing

    Infinity offers a complete Voice Processing and Voice Mail module. This digital module is packed full of high-powered features designed to keep our clients in touch, while freeing our Telephone Secretaries and (CSR's) to handle more incoming calls.

    Numerous Voice Processing and Voice Mail options are available, allowing us to customize the services available to meet the needs of our clients.

    Infinity's Voice Processing and Voice Mail features the "personal touch." Callers will never feel lost, with a Telephone Secretary or (CSR) available at any time by dialing "0."

    Two of the many high-powered Voice Processing features include:

  • One Number Follow-Me, which lets clients' calls follow them wherever they go -- to their residence, cellular phone, pager, or anywhere!
  • Orbit Patching, which puts the caller in a hold orbit while Infinity attempts to reach our client. The client hears who is waiting, and may connect to the call, or send it to voice mail.

    Alphanumeric "Text Message" Paging & Remote Printing

    Infinity's Alpha Dispatch module makes delivering messages to our clients' alphanumeric pagers fast and easy.

    This module includes a number of time saving features such as Alpha Transcription. With this feature, a caller leaves a voice message, which is then sent to a telephone secretary, who listens to the message and transcribes a text message. The text message may then be sent to our client's alpha pager.

    Infinity's Automatic Alpha Paging feature makes it possible to automatically page our client as soon as a text message is saved. Or, a Telephone Secretary may initiate the alpha page at any time with the press of a key.

    Remote Printing

    The Alpha Dispatch module also includes message dispatch via Remote Printer. With this feature, text messages may be automatically sent to our client's remote desktop printer, or clients may dial in and pick up messages from Infinity at any time.

    Fax, E-Mail & BBS Services

    The UltraComm Fax, E-mail and Bulletin Board Services (BBS) module features more convenient message delivery options, and provides additional services for our clients.

    Fax Services

    UltraComm makes it possible to offer fax message delivery and fax message pick-up. This module also has fax store and forward services for callers to request documents, brochures, and graphic files.


    For clients connected to a LAN, or via modem to the Internet, Infinity may e-mail messages to them.


    The BBS gives our clients a convenient place to pick up data, reports and messages, leave messages for other bulletin board users, and copy files. Messages may be read from the BBS screen, or downloaded to our client's computer for review.

    The BBS features a familiar Windows® graphical user interface, which is much more user friendly than traditional DOS-based bulletin board systems.

    The UltraComm Fax, E-mail and BBS module seamlessly integrates to Infinity.

    PBX - Call Answer Transfer

    Providing call answering, transferring, and messaging to "Remote Reception Service" clients or "Business Center" tenants, is easy with Infinity's PBX module.

    Messages may be taken either by our Telephone Secretary or directed to voice mail. The PBX module is an integral part of the Infinity system.

  • The Infinity PBX module offers many of the typical PBX features, including:

  • multiple classes of service
  • dial-out control
  • message waiting indicators (with a light or audible tones)
  • forwarding to other extensions
  • busy, and no answer behaviors
  • DISA and RISA services
  • and much more

    As this brief tour of the heart of our Blended Customer Service Call Center system shows, Canpage and ClienTEL Plus have many solutions to help support your business.

    For complete details on any of our Blended Customer Service Call Center Solutions, please contact Geoff Laurin at 1-888-468-9609 or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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