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Paging Toubleshooting Tips

Paging service is very reliable. Occasionally, you may miss a page or receive a garbled message. If you are having trouble receiving your pages, the following tips may help you solve the problem.

Please review the troubleshooting list prior to calling our Customer Service line. If you require further assistance, please call:

Cornwall (613) 938-3867
Brockville (613) 345-5629

1. Is your pager on?
Be sure that your pager is on by turning it off and on. It may sound silly, but on some models it is difficult to tell whether it is on or off.

2. Install a fresh battery.
If the battery is low, it can prevent pages from coming through.

3. Check your surroundings.
You may be in an area that blocks your pager signal. These areas include:

  • Basements
  • Parking Garages - that are below ground.
  • Hospitals - due to basement levels and thick brick or concrete walls.
  • Brick /Concrete or Metal sided Houses - the signal may sometimes be blocked.
  • Power Lines - electro-magnetic fields can interfere with transmission.
  • Mountainous or Hilly areas - these natural obstructions can block the paging signal.
4. Check your coverage area.
Locate your paging coverage area map to verify that you are within your coverage area. You may be out of or on the edge of your coverage. The signal may be weakened in these "fringe" areas.

5. Has the pager been damaged?
Verify that your pager has not been dropped on a hard surface or water. Your pager may be in need of repair.

  • Water damaged pager tips:
  • Take the battery out.
  • Blow dry the inside of the pager thoroughly.
  • If dropped in salt water, rinse in fresh water first then blow dry.
6. Receiving busy signals when calling a pager.
Can be caused by:
  • Network congestion.
  • Fast busy - possible trunk blockage at telephone company.
  • Slow busy - possible trunk blockage at paging company.
  • Bad phone lines.

More information can be found on the Paging section of this web site or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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