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e-Commerce Including LIVE Call Center Customer Support Services

Are you ready to participate in the fastest growing segment of the Internet? We can help you do that!

e-Commerce with LIVE Call customer support services is the easiest way to turn a Web site into a way to turn a profit. If you've found your way to this Web page, you're probably a business person who's looking into e-commerce. You'd like your Web site to be more than just a place to communicate with customers and prospects. You want to take orders on your Web site.

You've come to the right place. Whether you're a retailer, distributor, manufacturer or anyone else with goods or services to sell, e-commerce on your Web site along with our ClienTEL Plus Live, interactive approach to sales and customer service is very simply the easiest, most efficient way to sell on the Web. And it's absolutely everything you need to do exactly that. It can include an automated Store with secure order processing, optional secure online credit card validation, easy administration applications, and LINK buttons on your site that your visiting customer can click to connect with a ClienTEL Plus customer service representative for LIVE online support..

e-Commerce works better when everything works together. Because e-commerce is fully integrated with our Web-enabled Call Center services, you can combine all our services to make your store more effective. For instance, you can use your company Web site to explain and position your store (to serve as your store window, if you will), with buttons or links to lead your customers to LIVE connections with customer service reps, giving your customers easy access to more information, or special offers.

At a Glance:

  • Complete turnkey e-commerce solution for small business
  • Product and Customer Database(s)
  • Secure order and payment processing (SSL certificate required)
  • Web based Store Management and Administration
  • Real-Time Active Shopping Carts
  • Real-Time Web-enable Call Center customer service reps
  • Fully integrated with Web hosting and email services
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Activity and sales reports
  • Automated credit card processing
  • Online Advertising and Product Marketing
For complete details on our e-commerce / LIVE Call customer service solutions (integrating a complete package into your existing site, or build your site from scratch), please contact Geoff Laurin at 1-888-468-9609 or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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