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Pager and Paging Services Tips

What do you want a pager to do?

Numeric pagers which display the numbers a caller keys in using a telephone keypad - usually a phone number but sometimes a code - are the most frequently used for personal use.

Alphanumeric display pagers are the most electronically sophisticated and display two, three or four line messages, in both letters and numbers. These pagers are more expensive and require the caller to use a special dispatch center service, or special keyboard, or PC software to send messages.

An optional service offered with both numeric and alphanumeric pagers is voicemail. Voicemail service, allows the caller to record a voice message. The subscriber's pager beeps or vibrates to alert the subscriber a voice message is waiting. The subscriber retrieves it from a touch-tone phone, just like retrieving a message from an answering machine.

What coverage area do you need?

Will you need local coverage such as throughout a metropolitan area, or will you need coverage over a larger area? Local coverage may cost substantially less than regional or nationwide coverage. No matter how extensive the geographic area for which you need service, compare the coverage areas offered by various paging providers. One paging provider's local coverage area, for example, may be significantly different from a competetor's.

What will paging service cost?

Shop around for price. This is one service where high quality, customer service and extensive geographic coverage will mean higher costs, but unlike cellular phones, you usually don't pay a per-message fee.

The price will depend upon pager type, the extent of geographic coverage, reliability and whether you want to own or lease the pager itself. And finally there's customer service. You'll eventually need it, so why not pay a little more to get it.

What's the track record of the company providing the service?

Their transmission systems are constructed differently than cellular systems to better assure you receive your page. But signal penetration is affected by such factors as the distance from the closest transmitter, terrain, building density and even foliage. Just be certain that the transmission system of the paging company you select will reach you where you need it.

Where can pagers and paging service be purchased?

From companies specializing in communication products and services, or retail outlets ranging from large national chains to local businesses. Resellers that offer paging are selling the services of one of the paging companies. The retailer's product is only as good as the paging company providing the pager and the paging transmission network. Unlike many retailers, Canpage Communications Ltd. has many strategic alliances, enabling us to provide solutions to all your paging and wireless needs!

More information can be found on the Paging section of this web site or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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