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24 Hour "Live" Telemessaging Service
(Telephone Answering Service)

The cost to staff and equip your business to be answered 24 hours a day 365 days per year is formidable. In today's business world, your telephone requires more than just daytime coverage. Customers do not think in terms of whether or not you are in the office - they expect you to be available when they need you.

A quality, cost effective telemessaging service reassures your valued clients and helps you run your organization better. Your on-call staff receive messages timely. Around the clock telephone coverage adds value to your organization and helps you gain a competitive edge. Orders, emergencies, test results, appointments, cancellations, and other vital messages can all be handled by our competent staff in accordance with your detailed instructions.

In the face of increasing automation, there is real comfort (on the part of your valued clients) in hearing a live voice answering your telephone in your organization's name, in a cheerful and appropriate manner. We are your office! A friendly greeting and offer of assistance is crucial from the moment each call is answered. Our company is staffed by competent trained bilingual professionals who quickly become knowledgeable in your organization's communication requirements. Clear instructions, in-service training for your organization's procedures, and experience over time will familiarize us with your calling patterns. Our use of statistical sampling, hands-on management, training and team approach all serve to provide our clients with the knowledge that their calls are being handled efficiently.

The value of professional telemessaging service is taking on new meaning. As the world accepts the undisputed cost efficiencies of the many third-party answering options, the real human voice is becoming rare. As a result, there is value, and a solid customer service advantage, when a live person answers a call to your organization.

And while this live operator option is an important link to your business, let us not ignore the benefits of Canpage's voice screening and call directing system. In designing an ideal solution for providing professional message services, we can merge the best of live operator and electronic voice mail services for your organization's particular needs and budget.

We recommend the warm human touch of our attendant to communicate with your clients. But we can pass on to you the efficiencies and cost savings from delivering messages to you through either paging, message faxing, e-mail or a private voice mailbox.

The immediate benefits of voice mail message delivery are outlined below:

Built-in Message Confidentiality
Greater Message Detail from the Caller (Each Message is Recorded Electronically)
No waiting or holding when retrieving your messages
All Messages Are Time-stamped for Documentation
Significant Cost Savings to you
Immediate Pager Notification for New Messages is Available
Ability to Hear the Entire Message and to Transfer, Store & Replay Later

Our voice mail software can provide many configurations and scenarios for you. Using procedures developed and approved by you and best suited for your individual requirements, we can answer your calls and take messages professionally using our live experienced staff operators or with electronic voice-mail. We can handle each call according to your instructions. For example, we could transfer the caller to your private voice mailbox, or we could page the on-call supervisor. You get the best of both worlds: live operator personalization with the convenience of electronic automation.

Utilizing a customized approach, Canpage can work with you to design and implement a system of handling your calls in the most professional manner. Every call has value, and your presence in the business community at all times reflects directly on how your organization views itself and its commitment to your customers. Canpage can significantly enhance your corporate image by providing quality and professional telemessaging services. We put quality on the line.

For complete details on 24 Hour Live Telemessaging Service(Telephone Answering Service), please contact Geoff Laurin at 1-888-468-9609 or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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