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Unique Services

ClienTEL Plus offers a number of unique services that have proven their worth over time to a variety of our best clients. We would be happy to meet with you and explain in greater detail how these services can benefit your operation.

Web-Enabled CSR's

Clientel Plus is combining computers, telephones, the web and live CSR's. We can access the Interent to assist computer users and non-connected alike.

Orders on Disk

Orders available on 3.5" diskettes at a charge per day requested.

Order Retreival via E-Mail

Order files can be attached directly to your personal or company e-mail address, Monday through Friday by noon EST each day. There is a charge for each monthly billing cycle, for file attachment to one e-mail address.

Recovery of Downloaded Orders

For retrieval or re-entry of previous orders, there is a charge per each day requested. All orders for active customers are kept on file for three months.

Faxed and Mail-In Orders

We offer the use of a fax number and/or mailing address for incoming orders. Orders that are received via mail or fax are entered directly into the database. The charge for each incomining order via mail or fax is per order, plus a one time set up fee for toll free fax number.

Accessing P.O. Box

Clients are responsible for obtaining and providing access to a P.O. Box, which can be provided by ClienTEL Plus for a nominal fee, or through a local Post Office. There is a retrieval charge per billing cycle to access Client Boxes to obtain mail in data.

Credit Card Processing

Clients must supply a merchant number for each credit card type to be authorized along with any PC compatible authorization software. Authorization codes and batch report data can be faxed or e-mailed to you at no additional cost or made available for retrieval via secure Bulletin Board System.

Resolving Credit Card Denials

The charge for any outgoing calls to resolve credit card denial is based on the same per minute charge as an inbound telemarketing call.

Mailing Labels

A base rate per monthly billing cycle for standard labels, which include name and address only. Each label is 10 cents. If any additional information is required, the charge is 15 cents per label. Unless provided by the client, there is a charge to provide labeling supplies along with a one time charge to build a label report.


Reports (caller data) can be generated in many different formats, a few of which are listed below. Please refer to the client report section of this profile for several examples.

Basic Report Text

This type of report is included and is free of charge unless the report is edited. One question is included in the order information free of charge, such as source. If any additional information is required, there is a charge per billing cycle for editing.


There is no charge for this 150 field report unless you request editing.

Delimited (Edited)

Additional to your base rate per billing cycle, plus a one time charge to build this report. (i.e. if you require quotation marks to be used rather than bar symbols, or want the information in a specified and consistent format, etc.)

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