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Benefits of Off-Premises Voice Mail Service from Canpage

The purpose of Voice Mail is to enhance your communications while streamlining your company's overall efficiency. Of course, the obvious side benefits include:

  • No investment - No equipment to install - No maintenance - No complicated training.
  • A private phone number comes with each Voice Mailbox. It allows users to receive messages directly in Voice Mail, bypassing your receptionist, further reducing calls to be handled.
  • Callers who are seeking someone who isn't in or who isn't available, can be transferred directly into the appropriate person's private Voice Mailbox. With a Pager, the box-holder can be immediately notified of all incoming messages, or only those marked urgent by the caller.
  • Enhanced message detail, since callers can leave long detailed messages without concern for a message taker's time or attention to detail. \studies show that most people won't leave a detailed message with a third party, but will do so in voice mail.
  • Receptionists can offer personalized call answer and handle any calls directly that are warranted. Only callers that are offered and accept a Voice Mail transfer will be placed in Voice Mail.
  • Enhanced message accuracy, since messages are in the caller's own voice with proper emphasis.
  • Confidentiality - since all messages are private.
  • Gaining 40% of your secretary's time back for more productive efforts.
  • Individual access to messages around the clock
  • Enhanced customer service since callers can leave messages at any time and won't have to wait until your office opens to call in. this will minimize the rush of calls as you open each day.
Special Features in Our Voice Mail Service…
  • Group messaging - reach all Voice Mailboxes with a single call
  • Transfer messages from one Voice Mailbox to another - add comments before sending
  • Return receipt for messages sent - selectively
  • Automatic page alert - or alert to another telephone
  • Detailed message capability and storage capability
  • Add a private Fax Mailbox for pennies a day
All Voice Mail isn't the same. Your company's image and sales may suffer if you don't give callers the right options to communicate effectively.

Voice Mail is more than just an answering machine alternative, it's a complete internal communications center that can perform may tasks.

Contact us to evaluate how you can reduce your overhead, streamline your communications and even improve your customer service…using the latest in Voice Messaging communications.

Call Screening & Custom Front-End Call Directors

It's no secret that many companies are losing business because they are not answering their primary lines with live personnel. First and foremost, Canpage exists to place a live telephone attendant on every call.

We can show you the many benefits that a properly designed and easy to use Call Screen can provide. Although we often associate this option with an endless array of selections and buttons for the caller to push, we have expertise in designing and implementing elegant yet simple approaches for utilizing this technology. The choice of whether call screening is appropriate to your needs will ultimately be decided by you.

Since 1983, Canpage has been designing and implementing procedures that our staff can execute on your behalf to handle calls. For example, you may have a need for front-end call screening to allow the caller to make certain selections on the keypad that can direct the caller to the appropriate screen and operator necessary to efficiently process or relay their call. A computer equipment company may desire to have the caller press "1" if he/she is a client inquiring about the delivery date of a recently placed order. If, on the other hand, the caller requires the need of the on-call service technician, he/she may be asked to press "2." In each case the caller is routed to the proper attendant screen at Canpage so that the call can be handled according to the procedure established by you for each specific situation.

Because every client has different needs, we work directly with you to design and implement an application that best suits your requirements. At Canpage, we have the in-house capability to provide a wide variety of options and formats. The key is to have the right information about your business requirements from the start, so that we can follow the agreed-upon procedures when your most important calls reach us.

For complete details on voice mail services and pricing, including a comprehensive review of your requirements, please contact Geoff Laurin at 1-888-468-9609 or email us at info@clientelplus.com.

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