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Computer-Telephony and Web Integration

ClienTEL Plus is combining computers, telephones, the Web and LIVE Agents. We can access the Internet to assist computer users and non-connected alike.

For those of your customers who don't have access to the Internet…

  • Your toll-free number can, when dialed, trigger an instant ClienTEL Plus Customer Service Representative (CSR) response. Our CSR screen displays your website as each call comes in so they can retrieve and/or deposit information in real time.
  • For direct sales, help desk, dealer locator or registration issues, we simply use your site to manage inbound call traffic wanting to do business or requiring customer support.
  • We use your Web site to meet both your client's and your organizations' needs. Our solutions save time and money, and bring proven Computer-Telephony Web Integration abilities together for efficiency and care.

For those of your customers who have access to the Internet and your Web site…

  • One of the barriers that the electronic commerce market is facing is the lack of human contact on the Web.
  • By providing access to our CSRs for your customers to speak with while they browse your Web site or on-line store, ClienTEL Plus will help you increase the odds of securing a sale or a lead."
  • ClienTEL Plus enables your company to deliver high value, live assistance to online customers and prospects.
  • This business-critical application was built specifically for the needs of fast-growing eCommerce companies, offering an array of resources and response tools that gives your company the ability to convert site visitors into profitable, long-term customers.
  • ClienTEL Plus ensures that your online customers are connected easily and seamlessly to the right agent every time.
  • As your Web site grows and evolves, ClienTEL Plus will grow and evolve with you.
  • In addition to giving you the ability to quickly implement basic Web collaboration capabilities like one-to-one text Web Chat and Web Page Push, ClienTEL Plus Web-enabled services include a dynamic combination of browser sharing, forms collaboration and Web Callback services.
  • By giving customers who are visiting your Web site the help they need, when they need it, our Web-enabled services help you convert site visitors into paying customers, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase repeat business.


  • Convert visitors into paying customers
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Build long-term, profitable customer relationships
  • Meet the needs of your growing business with scalable, full-featured services

Web-enabled Agent Services

Web Chat

This feature allows you to offer people browsing your Intranet or Internet Web site the ability to chat online with a ClienTEL Plus agent. This is accomplished by placing a Web Chat link on your web page. When a visitor to your site selects the link, a request is sent to a ClienTEL Plus agent to chat with the visitor. This will allow the visitor to ask the agent questions about the web page they are viewing.

Web Callback This feature allows you to offer visitors browsing your Internet Web site the ability to request a callback from a ClienTEL Plus agent. This is accomplished by placing a Web Callback link on your web page. When the visitor selects the link, a Web Callback form is displayed asking the visitor to enter information that will tell the ClienTEL Plus agent how to reach them. The agent then receives a notification with the information the visitor entered, and can call them at the phone number they entered.

Web Push

When a visitor to your Web site contacts one of our ClienTEL Plus agents using the Web Callback or Chat features, the agent can now push web pages back to the visitor using our Web Push feature. This allows the visitor to ask questions which the agent can answer by pushing information to the visitor.

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